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Gracie Sturdivant Care Homes is a Assisted Living Facility in Raleigh North Carolina founded in 2010. Gracie Sturdivant Care Homes is home to seniors and retired residents who place a high value on their independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and healthcare. Our mission is to enrich the aging experience by providing opportunities for healthy and purposeful living. This benefits not just our residents, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community.

About Us

Hattie Davis and her husband Anthony owns Gracie Sturdivant Care Homes in
Raleigh and Knightdale NC.


Hattie is a Registered nurse with master’s degrees in Nursing, Business, and
Health Administration. She also has vast experience in healthcare management
and administration from Brigham & Women’s hospitals in Boston Mass, Duke
University in NC and various collegiate positions.
As a health care professional working in large fast pace medical centers, Hattie fell
in the trap of treating the illness vs the patient Along the way, she witnessed
patients lacking basic needs and support. These needs included; individual care,
emotional support, nutritional observation, monitoring patients at high risk for
falls and confusion and so on.
Later in the years, Hattie and Anthony had to place their mom and mother-in-law
in nursing homes in the early 90’s for Dementia care. There were very few choices
in long term care in those early days, so they were placed in traditional nursing
home facilities.
Neither of these wonderful and loving mothers of 29 children totally, received
optimal care. They were given custodial management vs humanized, engaging,
patient-centered care. These two women were gracefully welcomed into heaven
a few years later.
Years later, Hattie still pondered the memories of sadness and heartbreak her
mom’s must have experienced in their facilities. They must have felt alone, and
isolated with all the unfamiliar staff and procedures. In 2009, Gracie Sturdivant
Care Homes were born. Gracie is her mother-in-law’s first name and Sturdivant is
her mom’s maiden name. Hattie and Anthony vowed to give these two women a
second chance by caring for someone else’s loved one.
Gracie Sturdivant Care Homes are small assisted living facilities located in
Knightdale & North Raleigh. Hattie and her staff provide patient-centered-care
for Dementia residents with various associating illnesses such as Diabetes,
hypertension, wound care, respiratory and GI involvements. Most of all they
define care as respective and responsive to the individual needs, values and
choices. She and her team treat the resident vs the disease. Emotional support
and alleviating, fear and anxiety is an important factor of their lives. Residents

have the ultimate right to live in a safe, noninfectious, non-COVID-19 environment.
Hattie has developed and implemented stringent COVID-19 policies that have been
signed off by her legal team and the Wake county Covid team. Her staff is
assessed and observed per shift for Covid and any respiratory risks or contacts,
upon entry into the home. She has a strict visitation policy including distancing,
handwashing and mask wearing measures in and outside of the home. Covid
vaccines are offered to all residents and staff members.
Hattie’s forty years of clinical &medical experience shows in her day-to-day
operations. She and her staff renders respectful and customized care with
passion and skills.

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